Canine Health Professionals

We are proudly associated with the following canine health professionals & organisations, all of whom subscribe to only using force-free methods in their handling of animals.

To find out more about each, click on their image and visit their website!

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Canine Massage Guild

Learn the benefits of, and skills required to give your dog a massage!

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Maddy Casey - Canine Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a very gentle, hands-on complementary therapy that aims to promote the best possible health and movement of the body

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Lori Rose -Homeopathy Practitioner

Homeopathy is a natural, safe, gentle yet very powerful and effective medical system used successfully for over 200 years in many countries around the world.

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Kim Rufus - Macoby Clinical Canine Massage

This manipulative therapy not only addresses the primary issue, but treats the
body as a whole. It relieves the dog's body of muscular imbalances and areas of

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Louise Swindlehurst - Worcestershire K9 Massage Works

Canine massage is a remedial treatment tailored to the needs of your dog,  to ease any discomfort and improve their mobility and quality of life.

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Penny Shephard - Ttouch & Tteam Practitioner

Providing complimentary therapies for all companion animals and equines

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Elaine Stavert - Animal Therapy Works

Helping your hounds to be happy and healthy.

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Amelia Welham - Veterinary Surgeon

Vets 4 Pets, Bath

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Laura Hackett - Apollo Animal Physio


Professional physiotherapy for dogs and horses. If your animal is suffering with mobility, fitness or disability issues, Apollo Animal Physiotherapy offers the ideal solution. We can help your pet with their rehabilitation either from our base in Broadstairs, or via mobile services at your premises.