Walkers, Groomers, Daycare and Boarding

Our walkers, groomers, daycare and boarding members all subscribe to only using force-free methods with the animals in their care.

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Oliver A. Sciota

Offering a variety of bespoke services, we can accommodate any requests, always making sure our friends get the attention they deserve.
London and Surrey areas.

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Dave Griffin - The Walking Dog

Dog Walking. pet sitting, training advice, behavioural support in East Carmarthenshire - Gorslas to Ammanford and Llandybie. and anywhere inbetween.

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Amanda Stuart - Wiggly Waggly Dog Playground

The first and only dedicated dog playground in Staffordshire (and probably the UK), where a Dog Walker offers a transport service and takes your dog to their own purpose-made Dog Playground.


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Victoria Duke - Pooch on a Pedestal

Award winning boarding and walking in Newport, South Wales

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Debby Lovell - Isaidwoof

Boarding for oldies, 8 years +
Boarding in my home tailored to your Precious Old dogs needs. 

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K9 Carers Dog Home Boarding

An affordable and viable alternative to kennels through a network of carers in Sussex - where you get to meet the carer with your dog before confirming.

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Lily's 4 Paws

Lily's' 4 Paws pet services was set up by people that care passionately 
about your pets.
Annagherin, Shercock,
Co. Cavan

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Paws Outdoors Ltd.

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Clare Grierson -Muddy Mutleys

Whether you are away for a day or for a week or two, we can look after your dog in a loving caring family environment so that they don't miss you quite so much. 

Muddy Mutleys are here to give you the opportunity to enjoy your best friend safe in the knowledge that they are getting the exercise they require in a protected and caring environment. 

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Emma Wilson - Walkies with Wilson

I specialise in canine body language, as well as fear and reactivity, and I also have a pet first aid qualification.

You can rest assured that your dog is being looked after by someone who genuinely cares, and has the expertise to back it up.
Based in Fairford.

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Sarah Menhennett - Precious Canines

Dog walking, home boarding and even a wedding doggy chaperone service! 

Founder has 20 years experience. Based in Plymouth, UK

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Sophie Birch - Soph's Strolls

I’m available to walk your dogs, giving them the physical and mental stimulation they need.
Based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire

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Matt Boyce - City Paws Club

Born from a love of dogs and the great outdoors, we are the UK’s first activity centre dedicated to Dogs & their Humans.

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Lisa Langley - Critterz Pet Grooming

Critterz grooming and spa services have been deigned to improve your pets health and well-being, so you can be reassured your Dog receives the quality care they deserve when they visit.

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Caroline Moss -Bentley & Bear

I groom dogs using a holistic method. I try to groom restraint free for the majority of dogs, am  a qualified fear-free professional and am Low Stress Handling Certified. I specialise in anxious dogs that are averse to being groomed by means of patience , reward and consent based methods.

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Laura Thorpe The Soggy Doggie Holistic Dog Groomer

Holistic Dog Groomer & advocate for the use of compassionate & choice based techniques, building up trust & using a wide range of positive based methods & enrichment suited to individual needs. Using force-free, positive reward based methods, lowering any fear, anxiety or stress a dog may have. I strive for our dogs to have fun & freely display their natural behaviours”. 

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Stephanie Hill - Love Lacey Pet Care

Ethical Pet Care and Equestrian Services in Chichester and the surrounding areas.

Your pets welfare is our passion!

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Lorna Williams - Barks and Bubbles

Dedicated to my passion and adoration for animal care, I became a professional Dog Groomer in 2019, ever since I have been providing dog grooming to the Brewood area and beyond.

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Wendy Farley - The Dog Effect

Wendy, the founder of The Dog Effect understands how important your dog is to you and how you only want the very best care for them and that's exactly what The Dog Effect provides.  Whether its training or grooming, Wendy will work at your dogs pace. 
Based in Lowton, UK

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Sammy Feehan - Doxie Canine Services

Delivering professional canine care solutions to responsible owners, providing ample opportunities for your furry friend to exercise, socialise & build confidence. Promoting positive reinforcement to keep dogs safe & out of rescue.

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Vicki Hudson - Hudson's Hounds

At Hudson’s Hounds we are committed to providing the best care for your best friend. With 18 years of hands on experience behind us and a lifetime of caring for dogs, we are here to help you with all your pet care needs.
Based in Kent.

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Louise Piper - Piper's Paws

Whether your dog needs a groom or you’re looking for someone to feed your cat while you’re away, Pipers Paws brings professional and reliable pet care to you at home, treating every animal with kindness and compassion.

Based in North Walsham, Norfolk, UK

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Christina Pollard - Family Pet Care

I have always worked with animals and animals have always been in my life.

I also have an Animal Science degree and have First Aid training with animals.

Based in Royston, Cambridgeshire

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Claire Radmore - Pets Paradise est. 2016

Your Dogs are very special to me and the Dogs needs will always come first!
I walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time. I always make sure my group walks are right for the Dogs. I don't just mix any Dog with any Dog
If your dog doesn't have recall they won't be let off the lead.

Based in Paignton, UK

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David Oden - Kiwi Dog Walker

"Dogs ask for so little but deserve so much…."

Kiwi-dogwalker is a fully insured, licensed, owner operated professional dog walking, boarding & daycare service, available seven days a week in and around Crayford & Dartford areas.

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Noreen Wall - The Sleek Clipper

Through my business, 'The Sleek Clipper', I provide Dog Grooming,
Dog Training, Dog Behaviour and Animal Reiki services to companion dogs and their caregivers.

Based in County Wexford, Ireland