Position Statement Around Methods and Ethics


The Dog Welfare Alliance Members are all advocates of training using kind and effective methods, that have been carefully vetted on application to join us.

Our declaration, that ALL members must make before joining, shows our stance on aversive training methods and equipment.

We are not just a membership of trainers and behaviourists, but we include ALL dog professionals of many trades from artists to walkers. We all have an interest in making the dogs in our homes and our work lives (and beyond) feel as comfortable, safe, happy and well-rounded as possible, and to do that, we actively reject methods that will harm or cause fear or stress to the dog.

There is NEVER a need to use aversive methods and equipment in training, living with or working with ANY animal.

We, as a collective, actively promote learning through kindness, compassion and rewards.

We are proud of our ethics and our results.

~ The Dog Welfare Alliance