Mission Statement


The Aims of the Dog Welfare Alliance

 ·         * To create a central hub that brings together the dog-owning public and all elements of the dog behaviour arena, with the common aim of improving all aspects of dog welfare

·         * To increase awareness of responsible dog ownership and positive training methods

     * To provide rescue or veterinary funds for at-risk dogs  

·         * To promote appropriate, compassionate interaction with dogs

·         * To create a deeper understanding of the needs and behaviour of dogs

·         * To create a community and support network that involves governing behaviour bodies,  dog behaviour professionals and students, veterinary surgeons, rescue organisations and dog owners across the globe

·         * To create an easily accessible, useful resource that is available to all

·         * To create education opportunities for students of dog behaviour

·         * To create education programs for schools

·         * To ultimately create sanctuaries for the rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs

·         * To create an outreach programme for underprivileged countries and areas



Who can join?

The DWA is open to all who are interested in animal welfare and reward-focused dog training: the general public; trainers and behaviourists who use only positive, compassionate methods with dogs; rescue shelters; and organisations and governing bodies involved with dog laws, protection, and teaching.


Levels of membership

You can choose from public, professional, health professional, rescue and organisation membership. There is a sliding scale fee according to membership type. Professionals are requested to state which organization they are training with, or trained with.


DWA Panel of experts

This is composed of acknowledged experts in the field of dog behaviour and training and includes governing bodies, behaviourists/trainers and authors.


DWA Patrons

Public figures who actively support dog welfare.


How membership fees are used

* To provide funds that enable rescues to help dogs in urgent need

·    * The long-term aim is to set up dog rescue sanctuaries, where students and professionals can visit or stay short-term while the dogs are prepared for rehoming

·    * To create and fund education programmes

·    * To support rescue shelters in urgent need of help

·    * To provide courses for dog rescuers worldwide

* To pay for the small yearly website host fee



·    Articles on the website, written by professional members.

·    A public Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dogwelfarealliance

·    A list of member organisations and professionals is on the website.·

·    A logo, with the appropriate membership level, is sent to each member as soon as they subscribe.


Benefits of membership

·    * Access to professional guidance, advice, and new ideas and discoveries in the realm of dog behaviour and legal implications through the website and Facebook page.

·    * A DWA .jpg logo with each individual's membership level clearly shown can be used in emails or other correspondence, and on websites and social networking sites.

·    * Access to professional members, member organisations and governing bodies around the world.

·    * Every organisation, professional and rescue member has the opportunity to have a link on the website.

·    * Easier liaison between rescue organisations for raising funds, national and international transportation, and taking in and rehoming dogs.

·    * The knowledge that membership fees will help to prepare needy dogs for rehoming.

* Associate Membership of ICAN: International Companion Animal Network