Thank you!!!

Please note - If you are a professional:
Now we will just need a link and a logo for your websites/social media, along with the DWA declaration sent to [email protected]  Once we have double checked your force-free and reward based ethics, we will be able to accept your application and pop you on our website!! The declaration, incase you missed it is:

DWA Declaration:

I hereby declare my intention to use only compassionate, positive training methods with the dogs in my care, whether these are my own dogs or those belonging to other people.

I agree to avoid the use of all training aids which cause discomfort, distress or pain to dogs. These include, but are not limited to, physical force, shock collars and fences, prong collars, aversive sprays, spray collars, choke (check) chains, leash jerking and noise aversives.

I declare my intention to do all I can to act in the best interests of dog welfare.



(a copy and paste into an email with a digital signature is fine).

We are run by volunteers so it may take a day or two, to check through your websites and reply.

Thank you again for choosing to join us at The DWA!!